Monday, February 14, 2005

A Misunderstanding

This evening, my wife told me a story about one of her friends which deserves to be preserved.

This friend is pregnant and was unfortunately hit in the stomach by her toddler son. So she went along to the French doctor to ask him to check if everything was okay with the baby.

The doctor asked her to lie down, he took out his stethoscope and listened to her womb. When he had finished, he looked up and said: "you can hear the baby's hurt."

Obviously my wife's friend was rather upset by this statement, especially as the doctor immediately put down the stethoscope and walked out of the surgery to talk to his assistant. When he came back, she had started to cry.

What's the matter? he asked her.

Well, you said the baby's hurt. Is it serious?

No, you don't understand, said the doctor. I didn't say the baby's hurt. I said: you can hear the baby's heart!

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