Friday, November 25, 2005

Goodbye Taupe, hello Upstairs at Duroc


I have decided to stop blogging as Taupe and put my real name on this blog. I used a pseudonym when I first started writing here in order to find out if I was comfortable with the results.

After a year of posting to this site, I feel I've learnt a lot about what is and isn't possible in this format and I'm now fairly okay about putting my name to the results. I have deleted a few earlier posts which I'm not so comfortable with but there are still 150 or so entries posted on this site.

If you like poetry or photography, take a look at my other sites which are listed on the right.

And if there are any writers reading this, think about sending a submission to 'Upstairs at Duroc' magazine, a long running quality literary journal which I have recently started helping to edit.

We are looking for poetry or short prose in English and will accept material from anywhere in the world. The next submission deadline is end January 2006. Submissions can be by e-mail and the reviewing process is anonymous. Follow the link listed under poetry on the right for further information about the journal and submission guidelines. Successful contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine.


Andrea said...

You comment confused me signed John.
Big move.
I started with my real name at the biginning, went through a phase of wishing I had used something a little more secret. Now I am just happy being 'ME'.

Still enjoy reading you and your poems.

Jonathan Wonham said...

Yes, you're right, it is a big move. I have thought long and hard about it.

If it is a risk, however, it is one I have to take. Writing is too important to me.

And thank you for supporting this site. I really appreciate that you are reading and leaving comments.