Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy Hogmanay

Happy Hogmanay to all readers of Connaissances. I hope you all have a prosperous New Year.

In the pipeline for 2006 are: 'The birthplace of Impressionism', 'The real thunder-stones', 'Goethe the Geologist', 'The Geology of Champagne' and 'the new Levi-Strauss' plus 101 other wierd and wonderful thoughts about poetry, geology, anthropology and France.

It's been a great pleasure receiving your feedback in 2005 and I hope you'll feel even more like commenting in 2006. Until then, slàinte!

Oh, and if you haven't got the New Year spirit inside you yet, I suggest you pop over to Northzine and listen to the new year being greeted in by the ships in Aberdeen harbour. Stirring stuff.


Andrea said...

Happy New Year umm Hogmanay!!!!

I dont usually comment on your poems cause honestly, I dont want to sound totally stupid. hehe
I love them all though and am really looking forward to reading about the thunderstones.
Best wisges to you and your family in this New year!!!

Ludivine said...

Bonne année! Quick tidbit: I just learned (this evening, in fact) that all the New Year's TV specials are taped a month or so in advance.

Betrayal didn't go well with my foie gras and champagne. Nevertheless! Joyeuses fêtes. :-)