Sunday, June 11, 2006

Remembering Soley

I have no philosophy to explain
why the music stops
or to tell why little children
blow upon their hands
and cannot make them warm.

On a summer’s day
why does a butterfly flapping its wings
on the other side of the earth
create a storm? A throw
of the dice won’t change chance.

Under the natural span of grief we lie
shadowed by a world that’s torn.
Things seem more fragile
than they did before.
Hands feel worn.

But speak Soley’s name
and the room fills up.
No ambassador, passing
could make such a claim
to be true to Iceland’s molten heart.

In the end, we find
it’s a simple thing to say
that we loved her for the good
that she was, and feel sharply
this intolerable loss.

What’s best? To be kind
as Soley was, to laugh like her.
Light heart, clear spirit.
We touch the space where you were
and feel your presence still.

Our friend Soley Mangal died in a tragic accident last weekend. She was only 41. Soley was born in Iceland where her parents still live. She was a very kind lady who loved children. I wrote this poem in rememberance of her and read it yesterday at the family's memorial service held at the Norwegian Seaman's Church in Le Vesinet. Our thoughts are with her husband, her children and all her family at this sad time.


Anonymous said...

That's very sad, Jonathan. She sounds like she was a lovely person from this poem.

Jonathan Wonham said...

Yes, she was indeed.

Anonymous said...

Soley was a special friend who always made me feel like part of her family. I just found out she passed away and I am shocked and heartbroken for the family and all who loved her. Her kids were her greatest treasure.
Thank you for your poem. I did a search on her name and that's how I found it.

Jonathan Wonham said...

Hello Chrissie, thanks for sharing your thoughts. We have collected a lot of people's memories of Soley for a book that is being made for the family. The common theme running through it is how much Soley did for other people, helping them to get throught their difficulties and simply sharing time together. If that's okay, we will add your comment to the book. If you would like to add anything else, a photo or a message, you can send it to me at wonham@macdotcom (where 'dot' is a full stop). Best wishes, Jonathan.

trev said...

I just heard through her husband Lars about Soley, I want to say that we Trevor and Audrey Lobo were close freinds and are devastated with this news. I found Soley to always brighten up my life always happy and always looking after eveyone else. What a loss to all her family and friends!