Friday, October 20, 2006

Upstairs at Duroc - Issue 8

Issue 8 of Upstairs at Duroc magazine was launched yesterday evening with a poetry reading event. Further information about contributors and purchasing the magazine can be found here.

Until 31st January 2007, Upstairs at Duroc will be open to submissions of poetry, prose and artwork for Issue 9. For more details see here.

The complete list of contributors to Issue 8 is here below with an indication of where they are currently residing:

M.S. Allen (US, fiction)
Ian Ayres (France, poetry)
Luis Benitez (Argentina, poetry)
Frieda B.K. (France, photography)
C.P.Chang (US, fiction)
Sue Chenette (Canada, poetry)
Pierre Dehaye (France, translated poetry)
Jesse Ferguson (Canada, poetry)
Sandy Florian (US, poetry)
Megan M. Garr (Netherlands, poetry)
Noah Eli Gordon (US, poetry)
Lizzie Harwood (France, fiction)
Mark Leech (UK, poetry)
Norman Lock (US, fiction)
Alexander Maksik (France, poetry)
Gerald Mangan (France, drawings)
Christopher Mulrooney (US, poetry)
Stephen Oliver (Australia, poetry)
Daniel Pendergrass (Micronesia, poetry)
Sarah Petlin (France, poetry)
Hai-Dang Phan (US, poetry)
Véronique Pittolo (France, translated poetry)
Virginie Poitrasson (France, translated poetry)
Claire Potter (France, poetry)
Rufo Quintavalle (France, poetry)
Kristin Rasmussen (US, poetry)
Stephen Ratcliffe (US, poetry)
Matt Reeck (US, poetry)
Lisa Robertson (Canada, poetry)
Errol Scott (At sea, fiction)
Caroline Smadja (France, fiction)
Laura Solomon (France, poetry)
Elizabeth Spackman (France, poetry)
Todd Swift (UK, poetry)
Anne Talvaz (China, poetry)
Mark Terrill (On the road, fiction)
Roberta Vellvé (France, poetry)
Jason Wilkinson (US, poetry)
Cecilia Woloch (US, poetry
Jonathan Wonham (France, poetry)

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