Saturday, January 06, 2007

Five Things About Me

Like my Father
turning off the lights.

Like my mother

Like my brother
patiently avoiding being bitten.

Like my wife
sorting sorting sorting.

Like my children
learning how to play.

This is a meme passed on by Lesley.


Lesley said...

Well done! But where does the writing, writing, writing come from?

Jonathan Wonham said...


I caught the writing bug very young (and the reading bug younger still) and never really stopped. I'm not a great conversationalist and I think at some level writing tried to make up for this.

I was also encouraged by a number of people at various different times. That was important and somehow fixed the idea of being a writer in my head. These were poets, people who's opinions I respected and had to take seriously.

After that, there's a certain thrill from seeing your name in print from time to time and that keeps you going.

A lot of the writing on this blog stems from a desire to find the link between the geological and poetic sides of my life.

Deep down, I guess the desire to write arises from interior conflict. It's the road not taken that you wish you could have followed. It's the imagined life. The invented self.

It's also a way of reflecting on life. Becoming aware of what's happening to you and what you really think about things.

Finally, it's about the pleasure of making something completely unbreakable: a perfected poem.

Clare Dudman said...

A poetic meme! Evene though it is quite terse it somehow says a lot.