Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mecs et Cons

Christophe Willem has fallen off the bottom of the Connaissances pages, so it's time for a new French star to emerge. She is Adrienne Pauly. Here she is telling us about her New Year resolutions and her new album.

And here's the track "J'veux un Mec" (I want a Guy):

Here's another clip of some media types doorstepping her at a party and asking her what the most 'insolite' (bizarre) or 'honteuse'(disgraceful) song on her ipod is. She sings it to them. Quite adorable:

And here's a second track:"L'Amour avec un Con" (Love with an Idiot).

The album 'Adrienne Pauly' by Adrienne Pauly is out on Warner.


Le Meg said...

oh my, she IS charming.

Jonathan Wonham said...

Hello Meg

Praise indeed.

Yes. Listening to her makes me glad I've spent a not inconsiderable part of the last 34 years trying to learn French.

Sadly admitting, however, that I still don't understand all that she says.