Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tell Me Please

1. What is the Book Whisperer?

The book whisperer is the little voice that speaks a split-second before any book slams shut.

2. Why can I smell when it is going to snow?

Because the smell of snow drifts more quickly than snow itself.

3. Tell me about a road that leads to a world where there are no ideas.

These kinds of roads are all too uncommon.

4. How can I get a memory out of my head?

Inscribe it on a piece of chalk and drop it in sulphuric acid.

5. Where is Shallowland and what lives there?

Shallowland is a place that only emerges occasionally from the sea. Mainly journalists live there.

6. Who is the man that lives inside the sun?

The man who lives inside the sun is a waiter from Ibiza called Pepe.

7. When did you first know who you were?

I'm fairly sure I knew who I was from the word go.

8. Why do gnats fly in spirals and never hit each other?

Gnats fly in spirals because of a mutation many millions of years ago. The main advantage is that they do not get lost, and this is why they don't need to hit each other any more.

9. What is love?

Love is, above all, being able to forgive.

10. How can I capture a free spirit?

Go to the pub during happy hour.


This is a meme dreamt up by Clare.


Anonymous said...

I almost gave the same answer to the first question.

Jonathan Wonham said...

Donc, forcément, la réponse est tout à fait correcte!

Merci Gilles.

Anonymous said...

Tout à fait correcte. I imagine the Book Whisperer may also whisper a phrase de départ, the first few words of a book to be (or a poem, or even a scientific insight), according to André Breton, just before one goes to sleep.

Ivy said...

Neat! :-)

Lucy said...

I know now I must inscribe Pepe the Ibizan waiter's name on a piece of chalk and drop it in sulphuric acid if I am ever to move on...

Jonathan Wonham said...

I've been away, so sorry for these slow responses.

Thank you Gilles, I like your comment. I think we all hope to have some sort of insight, whether scientific or not, before we lay a book down.

Ivy, I tried to make the responses as short as possible, so 'neat' is right. Thanks.

Thank you Lucy. A piece of blackboard chalk and a car battery will do the trick. I met Pepe the Waiter more than 30 years ago, when I was 8 and on holiday. I wonder what he's doing now?