Friday, February 08, 2008

Failed by Design

I rather enjoyed George Szirtes little rant here in which he requests that interior designers kindly redecorate the walls with... themselves.

He mentions Le Corbusier as a kind of father figure of this sect of clean living, faddish types, an architect of whom I have some experience, having visited the Villa Savoye, a house he designed in the Paris suburb of Poissy.

George is quite right in noting a sanatorium sterility to such places, as you can gather for yourself if you look at the photographs here. It is quite easy to imagine the owners starting off the day with a good long enema followed by a cold shower and a bowl of prunes...

The house has not the slightest human element but is adored by spiders who find corners to build their webs everywhere. It must drive the curators mad.


Lucy said...

Apparently le C.'s wife found the emptiness and excess of light she had to live with almost unbearable too. I do like that wee church he did in the Jura though, one of my earliest memories of foreign travel.
He was rather preoccupied with the Cathars, I gather.

Anonymous said...

There's much good stuff on GS's blog. I just wish he'd activate comments & allow for a little dialogue.