Sunday, March 30, 2008

Le vent de l'hiver

Raphaël (Raphaël Haroche, born 1975) achieved popular success with his third album "Caravane", which sold more than a million copies. In September 2007, he recorded his fourth studio album: "Je sais que la terre est plate" which was released in March 2008.

"Le vent de l'hiver" is the first single release from the album. The video was directed by Olivier Dahan (director of Oscar-winning "La Môme", a film biography of Édith Piaf) and features Lila Salet as the principal actress (also to be seen in Benjamin Diamond's recent single video There is a Girl


nikki said...

I like the song. in my opinion, all songs are a little better in french.

Jonathan Wonham said...

Well, that's a very sweeping generalisation nikki, but I think we can agree that there are more than a few good French songs. If you click on the "French Pop" tag at the bottom of the post you will find others as well.