Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Out There

Stavanger Sunrise

We live near the top of a hill called Ullandhaug. Our house is shoebox-shaped, a wooden structure painted grey and white. We live mainly upstairs where there is a lounge, a bathroom, a kitchen and bedrooms. Downstairs we have a play room, washroom, spare bedroom and study.

The lounge is fronted by panoramic windows. During the summer, the sky changes every day: sometimes billowing cumulus towering high into the blue sky, other times wispy pink mackerel clouds. For about a month, I would take photographs as I ate my breakfast. This is one of them.

I have never lived in a house where the landscape outside was so vast and constantly present. The view demands to be seen at all times. Norwegians seem to rarely close their curtains, and this is perhaps why. While it is beautiful, it also creates a sort of uneasiness: the sense of immense distance and space. It is not what I am used to.

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