Wednesday, April 29, 2009

7 Spring Melodies

The Blue Note 7 play Birdland

George has tagged me for my 7 current Spring music favourites. Here they are:

Charlotte Gainsbourg: 5.55 (Title track of the album which just arrived through the post. My daughters think it's dull, they'd prefer Pink.)

Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (Since I'm just back from my first visit to New York).

Something else I can't remember that I was whistling around the streets of New York once I got bored of whistling Rhapsody in Blue.

Cold Play: Don't Panic (from the album Parachutes. Spring morning music.... "We live in a beautiful World")

The Blue Note 7: Little B's Poem (I saw The Blue Note 7 play the last night of a fifty city tour at Birdland in New York last Sunday). This was my favourite track. Their album released on Blue Note records is called Mosaic.

This Mortal Coil: You and Your Sister (from the album 'Blood'.)

Alanis Morissette: Thank U (from the album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie.)

Since it's a long time since I tagged anyone, or wrote a blog post for that matter, I will agree to tag 7 people . . . Lucy, Clare, Jen, Ivy, Dick, Lesley and Mike . . . then I'll slip away and hide . . .


Lesley said...

I'm on to it. Must go and listen to the Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Lucy said...

Thanks Jonathan! I don't get to do many music memes... and I'm not sure if I wouldn't be a little embarrassed by most of the earworms I have wiggling about in my head! But it'll be good to give it some thought.

Thanks for visiting and for your thoughtful comment.

Dick said...

I'll give it a go, Jonathan. We just bought a new mini system and I've been rejoicing in Spotify a good deal recently too so there's a few tracks that keep recurring as the trees come into leaf.

Lucy said...

Done! Happy springtime...

Ivy said...

Here're mine. Just the first ones that popped in my head. Thanks for the tag! How's it going?