Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Flight of the Turtle: New Writing Scotland 29

My prose poem "Renata Perry" has been published in: The Flight of the Turtle: New Writing Scotland 29 published by the ASLS.

There’s nothing pure about Renata Perry except the pure cries of abandon of Renata Perry nothing so pure as the pure abandon of Renata Perry under the pure blue skies of Italy that Renata Perry can see from her bed the balcony opposite all covered in aerials pointed at transmitters waiting for signals Renata Perry is lying down under the weight of an angel waiting for signals under pure blue skies Renata Perry signals her mouth is dry and asks if he’ll be an angel and fetch some water Renata Perry watches him stiffly the weighty angel going stiffly to the bathroom and everybody says you can drink the water it’s true it’s incredibly pure but Renata Perry stays true to herself and the wine...

(Renata Perry, extract)

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