Sunday, September 04, 2005

Aunt Ooh-ah

We just finished having lunch: baked beans on toast topped off by pink-iced 'Bob the Builder' Muffins cooked by the girls.

The Bob the Builder Muffins were absolutely foul, so I went and got the box to read what was in them. The usual list of chemicals and preservatives.

On the packet it said: 'Suitable for Vegetarians'. "That's a bad sign already", I said, as I walked off into the kitchen to put the box back in the recycling.

My wife, taking my comment far too seriously said: "the cake's we normally make are suitable for vegetarians."

Being in the kitchen, I couldn't hear what she had said properly. I meant to ask her: "Aren't or are?" But it came out in a French-English language jumble: "Aren't ou are?"

Quickly, my eldest daughter piped up:

Aunt Ooh-ah
went to the Spar...

That's as far as she got, but I'll help her to finish her little song off:

Aunt Ooh-ah
went to the Spar
to buy some Bob the Builder cakes.

But when she got there
the shelf was bare
and so she had a lucky escape.

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