Saturday, November 19, 2005

We're Okay...

Still on the subjects of Parisian riots, it has been touching how many phone calls we have received in the last week or two, asking if we are safe. Friends in Paris have also mentioned the same thing: phone calls from all around the world, asking if they have survived the rioting in Paris.

One or two things have happened (even) in our neighbourhood. You may remember a few weeks ago when I was in the UK I posted a story about my parents getting their local post-box blown up with fireworks. Well, strangely, the night we got back from the UK after our week long holiday we were also woken up by a blast in the small hours. A load of fireworks had been thrown into our mailbox. It has to be said, they did make a very satisfyingly/annoyingly large bang.

It appears that some local schools have been targeted by vandals, including a school library that has been set on fire and burnt in a suburb not far from where we live. The burning down of schools seems to be a common theme of these riots.

The sounding of police and fire engine sirens also seems to have been a fairly regular and insistent soundtrack to the last couple of weeks. Something is definitely going on somewhere, although you wouldn't particularly realise this from the coverage on French TV. Apparently, the footage has been more affecting elsewhere...

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Andrea said...

I consider schools more sacred that a church and get pretty pissed when I hear about them being vandeled or burned.

Good luck over there with all that is about to come due the the riots.