Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I Remember

I remember climbing into the attic and finding nothing there except four champagne corks on a rafter. They still had their crowns on: a king, a queen, a prince and a princess.

I remember we threw slates at each other for two hours before we realised that most of them had gone through a small gap and landed on the neighbour's greenhouse.

I remember my friends told me they had thrown hawthorn hips at my dad's car and he had chased them further than any other dad.

I remember my friend told me he would clap the bee and let me catch it.

I remember the bee stung me and my friend laughed.

I remember I winked at my neighbours one day as I passed them on my bicycle since I couldn't take my hands off the handlebars and they saw and laughed about it later with my parents.

I remember the wall behind my neighbour's armchair was yellow with cigar smoke.

I remember I stole my grandfather's Swan Vestas matches and was caught sneaking them into the glove compartment just as we were leaving.

I remember I took a pound note from my mother's purse and put it in my sock and a boy at school told the teacher and she said that he shouldn't be so stupid.

I remember I was the only boy with a camera and I took a picture of my class standing on the steps outside.

I remember my friend and I made a maze by falling over backwards into tall reeds but when we got our fathers to look they were too big to appreciate how great it was.

I remember a boy said I was too scared to jump off the green swings and I did and I couldn't stop running and I cut my chin open on the railing that stopped me falling in the River Wansbeck.

I remember I asked the boy who they said was going to die to buy some condoms for me, and he did.

I remember swapping all my vintage Indian stamps for some nice new Spanish ones.

I remember thinking Olivia Newton-John looked better before she had her hair permed at the end of Grease.

I remember when I discovered how to make an aborigine arrow weighted with a large nail.

I remember when my friend had a pencil case thrown at him and the compass inside stuck in his head so that the pencil case kept going round and round like a radar until the nurse pulled it out.

I remember when Mr Poulter threw Fruitoff at the easel blackboard and it collapsed on him.

I remember the day when my kite flew so well I played football with the string tied to my belt.

I remember when Mars Bars went up from 3p to 4p.

I remember trying to buy matches in the VJ shop.

I remember falling off the long rope and not hurting myself.

I remember throwing a stone at some girls and hitting my friend instead and never being able to eat the sweets in his toy shop again.

I remember we sang 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' and 'The Lord of the Dance'.

I remember I tried to do a backflip in the swimming pool and bloodied my nose on the bottom.

I remember my father persuaded me to do a dive off the highest diving board and it was a bellyflop.

I remember my mother standing on the back doorstep and shouting Cooee! at the window cleaner who was still several houses away.

I remember I kept dreaming that abominable snowmen shot my friends with arrows made from milkbottle tops.

I remember believing that there really was magic dream dust inside my Sooty and Sweep annual.

I remember it started raining and I walked home with a bucket on my head.

I remember getting to school early one morning and there was a starling on a branch outside the window that could talk.

I remember I never ever needed a hanky.

I remember sometimes I had nosebleeds that lasted for hours.

I remember clackers.

I remember not noticing I had walked on my aunt's record collection.

I remember my aunt had to give me her hat with fifty embroidered signatures after I had counted a hundred Beetle cars driving past outside.

I remember that one Sunday that was like waking up inside a vacuum.

I remember being given smelling salts after fainting in the choir stalls.

I remember singing 'O for the Wings of a Dove'.

I remember my newborn brother lying in the luggage space in the back of the Beetle.

I remember playing bingo with my Pops and Nana while drinking pineapple juice and eating mixed fruit and nuts.

I remember counting all the Embassy coupons in Pops' clay pigeon shooting cup.

I remember learning how to light my grandparent's stove with rolled up newspapers.

I remember when Bulgarian fighters buzzed our passenger jet.

I remember when my plastic bag loaded with conkers burst open on the central concourse of the airport in Sofia.

I remember the mobile above my bed never lined up exactly right like the picture it was cut from.


I think this might make a good meme, so I tag Ivy, Ludi, Andrea, Lisa and Amardeep in the hope they'll feel inspired.


Andrea said...

amazing memories.
started remembering mine.

Lisa Pasold said...

delighted to be tagged to this, have been enjoying reading...as for questions about the sarko poster, yes, lots to discuss--apparently some have seen the poster & just assumed sarko was working with le pen, that the poster wasn't ironic protest but rather an actual campaign poster. just when i am willing to assume intelligence on the part of the french voter, i hear something like that & become depressed... maybe a meme is just what is needed. A la prochaine...