Wednesday, December 07, 2005

An Interview on Science and Poetry

A couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed by poet Ivy Alvarez for quarrtsiluni: "an experiment in online literary and artistic collaboration". The interview posed questions about my views on the differences and similarities between science and poetry, and asked whether my scientific side imposed on my poetic side, and vice versa.

The article was posted today and can be read here.

It's a double interview with another writer called Shem who is a doctor and we answer the same questions which means that you get a couple of different perspectives. An interesting approach, and refreshingly democratic. There's also an earlier interview with two women writers: Jeannine Hall Gailey and Jill Chan who also answer the same questions. Their interview is here:

It's nice to work collaboratively with other people, so thanks Ivy for approaching me with this suggestion.

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