Sunday, June 11, 2006

Digital Storytime

A few years ago, I made my first attempt at publishing poetry on the internet using a yahoo web site. I had almost forgotten about it, but recently received an e-mail which suggested that if I did not update the site, it would be automatically deleted.

The site shows some of the collaborative work that I did with my brother Nick Wonham in the production of illustrated poetry pamphlets. My brother is a teacher and illustrator. He studied at the Camberwell School of Arts and is now very involved in the creation of interactive story CDs, a concept that he developed himself through teaching children with learning difficulties.

The CDs are great fun, often illiciting laughter from children and adults alike. My brother does the story, the narration, the animation design and all of the pictures himself. Although the stories work on computers, they are very simple to use, involving only choices and mouse clicks to navigate. My three year old daughter can use them quite easily.

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