Friday, November 24, 2006

Energy Efficiency Drive

Are you aware that very energy efficient products are not currently being labelled as such?

If you think this would be a good idea, petition the prime minister to require that A-G energy-efficiency ratings include reference to the A+ and A++ categories (and any future, higher categories), so that consumers are aware that energy efficiencies greater than 'A' can be achieved with products so rated.

Currently, consumers wishing to maximise the efficiency of their domestic appliances are being left ignorant of the very products they would most likely wish to buy. This means there is little demand for these products, which in turn means that distributors do not stock them. The consumer is not being fully informed about their purchasing choices.

Explicit display of the higher efficiency ratings would lead to more energy-efficient households, reducing carbon emissions and heating bills. Not only that, but through increased demand for these products, such measures would stimulate the manufacture of these products and lead to better quality and excellence in the industry.

Here at EcoTopTen is an article that explains the likely savings of a A++ classed freezer as opposed to an A classed freezer.

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