Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Salon du Chocolat in Pictures

Here's a few pictures of the Salon de Chocolate which took place over the last few days in Paris. It's a lot of fun and there is a genuine feel-good factor from tasting dozens of morsels of chocolate and chocolate-based liquors...

The salon has outgrown several venues over the past few years. Now it fills Hall 5 of the Porte de Versaille exhibition centre.

Lacework chocolate manufacture using a Bosch paint remover to keep the chocolate 'moulleux'.

Chocolate lacework box. Good enough not to eat.

Rather pretty dress made only out of chocolate bars. It is studded with chocolate chunks, the skirt and bodice are made from wrappers and the petticoat is tinfoil.

An exhibitor from Cote d'Ivoire, one of the world's major cacao producers, expounds the qualities of cacao beans.

About as useful as a chocolate hammer.

Chocolate facial massage anyone?

Chocolate chefs melt under the lights

Children experiment with chocolate under strict supervision.

If I'd had one of these when I was six, I'd have been in seventh heaven.

A Mexican lasso artists demonstrates how to work off those extra pounds you've gained...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Jonathan - I think you may have just given me a vision of paradise. Is this on every year at about this time do you happen to know?

And thanks for the link in the post below, BTW. I did see it before but blogger was playing up when I tried to make a comment.

Jonathan Wonham said...

Hello Clare - So, you like chocolate? After a day walking around the salon, I can tell you, you will be quite sick of it!

There are a number of informative exhibits around the hall which tell you something about the manufacture and history of chocolate. At one, I picked up the piece of vital information that the blood running down the plug hole in Hitchcock's Psycho is in fact melted chocolate (looks okay in black and white...)

We also discovered Mexican chilli chocolate sauce and now have a recipe for it. Will make a change from gravy.

Yes, the Salon is on every year.