Sunday, October 05, 2008


One evening, our neighbour playing a squeeze-box accordian in his kitchen.

Three celebrations in our road: three Norwegian flags flying at front doors.

Two children chalking pictures on the tarmac of a country road, waving happily to us as we edged past them in our car.

At a cemetry by the sea, an old lady supported on crutches, laying flowers on a grave.

Children in a school playground, dragging a child tied up with skipping ropes across the grass. The monitors looking on, unconcerned.

A man driving to work in a go-kart.

Dustbin ladies.

A museum of stuffed animals on top of the freezer cabinets of our local supermarket: lynx, eagle, arctic fox, moose, polar bear...

Two small boys running out into the road in front of my oncoming car, unconcerned.

A man searching for the best place to take photographs of himself on top of a mountain.

A strong man contest and barbecue on the beach.

Pizza restaurants.

Two teenagers lying on the pavement, t-shirts rolled up for an impromptu spot of sunbathing.

A row of unlocked bikes outside the shopping centre.

Every morning, the newspaper delivery boy arriving at 6.30 a.m. on his motorbike, stopping at every house with his squeaking brakes...

Our neighbours' porchlights left on all night.

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