Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A House I Pass Every Morning No. 10: The Guarded House

It's not a house you are allowed to enter. There are three giants at the gate keeping guard. Also the gate is locked. Whenever someone comes near, the giants whisper to each other:
"What shall we do to him?"
"Wait till he gets closer!"
"Does he dare ring the bell?"
"Watch to see if he rings the bell!"
"Then let's thrash him!"
"Yes, let's kill him!"
"Let's worse than kill him!"
"What's worse than kill him?"
"Let's scorn him and then kill him!"
"How do we scorn him?"
"Here's how we scorn him. We let him ring the bell. We say: Who is it?. He says: A visitor. We say: Who are you visiting? He says: the Guarded House. We say: Who invited you? He says: nobody. We say: Nobody? Nobody invited you? You came here because of nobody? You came here for nothing? What do you bother us for? We are the Guards. What are you? You are like crap on the pavement. We have so much better things to do than concern ourselves with the likes of you, you worthless piece of trash."
"Then can we thrash him?"
"Yes we can thrash him."
"Then can we kill him?"
"Yes we can kill him."
"Shh! Look, he's coming this way!"

Sure enough, the man is walking towards the guarded house down the street. He is looking up at the tall trees. He is coming towards the green gate. He is drawing close to the bell on the wall. He's raising his arm. Or is he just swinging it? No, he's raising it. No, he's swinging it. No, he's really raising it! He's going to ring the bell! He's so close!

But no, he's only scratching his nose. And then he walks on past, just as he does every morning.

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